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About Me

A graduate of Howard University and former Executive Director of the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE), Brenda Welburn spent thirty-five years in the field of education, specializing in governance and state education policy. Traveling throughout the nation and around the globe, she is a noted speaker on equity, access, and high standards for all students.


Welburn considers it her good fortune to be from a close-knit family where her ancestors were revered and their memories cherished. Inspired by that experience, she chose to tell her family story through a tale of three young people forced to confront the struggles of the past with the triumphs of the present through unexpected time travel. Drawing on rich family history, she writes of a compelling journey.


The Time Travels of Annie Sesstry is brimming with factual accounts of the periods of slavery and reconstruction and chronicles a family’s determination to discover their roots, celebrate their history, and unveil the mystery of traveling through time.

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