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Annie Sesstry has uncovered a secret. A select few in her family, known 
as travelers, have journeyed to the past. The travelers use the gift of time 
travel to learn about their predecessors and to gather clues to the identity 
of an unknown ancestor transported to America during the Atlantic slave 
trade. On an excursion to 1867, with her sister Emma and cousin Joshua, 
Annie discovered they are members of the elite group.


The young time travelers are preparing for the National Museum of 
African American History and Culture’s grand opening when the winds of 
history call them to the past once again. The tale advances Annie, Emma, 
and Joshua’s exploration beyond Reconstruction into the twentieth 


Encountering ancestor Missouri McElmurry Calhoun on her 50th 
wedding anniversary reminiscing about her life, surprise, and adventure 
await her descendants as they continue their search for the Unknown 


Missouri’s Memories is the second in the trilogy of the Time Travels of 
Annie Sesstry.

Missouri's Memories Hardback

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